JANUARY 15, 2014

Meet BOLT Transition — our new sister company.  We are transforming transition.

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OCTOBER 28, 2013

Celebrating our practice’s fifth anniversary.

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OCTOBER 28, 2012

Celebrating our practice’s fourth anniversary.

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JULY 30, 2012

Moving forward:  making continued education possible for some young Albertans.

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JANUARY 14, 2012

We are stretching our wings this year and moving from suite 1150 to 3400. Do drop by. The view is…

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OCTOBER 23, 2011

Annual Conference of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management.

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OCTOBER 23, 2011

Join us in celebrating Edmonton visionaries at Avenue magazine’s annual event.

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OCTOBER 23, 2011

Hear Nobel Laureate Dr. Oliver Smithies speak at the University of Alberta.

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2011

Great to see the capacity for innovation at the forefront of discussion on Edmonton’s future.

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

Join us for coffee on our practice’s anniversary: Friday, October 28, 2011.  E-mail for details: INFO@ANDREAMONDOR.COM

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Join us for lunch: Wednesday, September 28, 2011.  E-mail for location details: INFO@ANDREAMONDOR.COM

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